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This is the first time Mallory and Mickey feel guilty for a murder.Fleeing from the scene, they step outside of the house and come across a field of rattlesnakes.The film is based on an original screenplay by Quentin Tarantino that was heavily revised by writer David Veloz, associate producer Richard Rutowski, and director Stone; Tarantino received story credit.

Beneath his heroic facade, he is a violent psychopath.

Soon Mickey is arrested and imprisoned for auto theft, but he subsequently escapes from a prison work farm during a tornado and returns to Mallory's house. Mallory's father is beaten and then drowned in the fish tank while her mother is tied to her bed and set on fire.

Mickey and Mallory then go on the road together and get "married" on the side of a bridge, celebrating by taking a hostage.

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Natural Born Killers is a 1994 American satirical black comedy crime film directed by Oliver Stone and starring Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Sizemore, and Tommy Lee Jones.

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