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A mask will spin around the player and they will receive a noticeable increase in speed, invulnerability to other racer's power ups and the player can also hit other racers to cause them to spin out.When upgraded by wumpa fruit the power up lasts longer.If the player has wumpa fruit and are hit by an enemy racer or if they fall off the track the number of wumpa fruit they have will decrease.Uka Uka/Aku Aku - The Voodoo mask provides three different effects to the player for a limited time.Once beaten the Bosses open new environments for the player with new warp zones and challenges.While the player does not need to complete Time Trials and CTR token races they are used to unlock additional characters later in the game. As well as racing tracks, battle tracks are also available. They are utilized in multiplayer where up to 4 people can fight each other in a battle mode.If a racer hits a TNT crate it will land on their head and countdown.The racer has three seconds to shake the TNT off before it explodes by hopping up and down.

The player is slowed down and also loses the ability to hop.They will follow racers until they hit their target but can be avoided by obstructing their path with track terrain or using a TNT/Nitro crate to destroy them.When upgraded by wumpa fruit they cause racers to spin out for longer.Before they have a chance to start attacking each other, a giant screen lights up in front of them, an alien by the name of Nitros Oxide declares that he wants to race the best driver in this world and that if he, Nitros Oxide, wins he will turn the world into a giant parking lot.He says that he doesn't know who the best racer in the land is so he wants everyone to race against each other and he will challenge the winner.

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