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Huffington Post’s Sara Boboltz commented on the friendship, noting that the two women were mutual fans of each other. “Clinton’s evidently relaxed and amiable attitude to her SNL double stands in marked contrast to the president’s petulant complaints on Twitter about the show following Alec Baldwin’s impression of him,” he wrote. Mc Kinnon mostly threw softballs in her portrayal of Hillary Clinton, while Baldwin lampooned Trump in a virulent and exaggerated fashion.But although Baldwin’s goal to eliminate Trump from the election ultimately backfired, SNL’s ratings have gone up to a six-year high.Jealousy and possessiveness can undermine your capacity for true intimacy because you end up focusing more on keeping your partner for yourself than on creating a healthy relationship.Noticing what triggers your jealousy is the first step to overcoming a pattern of possessiveness in your dating relationship. On February 16, the former presidential candidate and her SNL double were spotted dining together in New York City, and the media had a field day. Afterward, they attended a production of , starring Glen Close. “We wish we were invited,” wrote Refinery29’s Christopher Luu, calling the date “something akin to a G20 meeting to discuss renewable energy.” “Yes,” he enthused, “SNL's Clinton and the real-life Clinton were in one place and the time-space continuum remains intact.” “It's fine, I'm fine,” protested a clearly enamored Bustle writer, “I'm not currently asphyxiating from jealousy.” According to one source, the duo had a laughter-filled evening over a pre-theater dinner at Orso.

She bats her perfectly mascara'd eyelashes, as if she'd been planning this moment her whole life. Her equally attractive shorter friend then busts in front of her, as if she was about to miss her chance. (How embarrassing to admit.) I feel like throwing a blanket over my head as I write these words down on paper. It's difficult when my boyfriend has found a level of success that I haven't found yet, so being supportive unfortunately takes more work on my part. This is a battle for me — part happy and supportive, part jealous. If worrisome and suspicious thoughts continue to overwhelm your mind, it is important to seek out support.According to Missouri-based BJC Behavioral Health services, it is particularly important to seek the help of a trained therapist if you "cannot curb your jealous responses on your own." Jealous emotions erode clear thinking and confidence.

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