Dating after death of husband

After the inquest Mrs Nagle's parents Joy and Martin Paton, paid an emotional tribute to their daughter. Nagle let himself in the back door of the house and when she returned around 9am, he strangled her with a metal strap.

Nagle then returned to his home where he launched a 'vicious attack' on his step-son Nathan, who was at the property alone playing on a games console.

The Corporate Communication Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force said Thompson-Butler’s body was found in bushes close to a public sanitary convenience at the beach around 4 p.m. The Greater Portmore police told THE STAR that her husband, Stephen Butler, is now being sought for questioning.

He alerted police who found Claire unconscious nearly three hours after she was attacked.“Him call her and tell her him have money to give to her, and when she leave mi say, 'Neisha, you sure him nah go do you nothing?', and she say 'him nah do mi nutten',” Hooke told THE STAR.Nagle said 'your mum said there was no chance of us getting back'. More blows from a shovel, a floor tile and also a shot from a nail-gun followed before he threw a tarpaulin over Nathan and 'left him for dead'.Nagle later made contact with his brother, Joe, who was working from home in Sandiacare, Derbyshire.

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