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Is it that we bar everyone with some form of medical condition?If that is the case it's likely that there will be a very small pool to choose from!I dont want to sound harsh, but this probably will, no I wouldn't want to date anyone with depression Have enough to cope with myself and would not want to take on anyone elses difficulties, I want life easier, not more complicated.

I suffer with depression, and am not ashamed to admit it anymore.

I am pretty sure we all suffer with health issues in one way or another.

I don't think it shows that they're shallow It possibly shows that they're not willing to date someone who's depressed. There's not a chance in this or any other reality, that I'd even consider it and I can see why many other people would not be keen on the idea of doing so themselves. it makes me protect myself from feeling negativity from a partner which could in turn bring me down and put me in a depressive state.

I'm sorry to hear that OP - but it sounds like you are in a very good place right now and have things under control.

I think understanding your own condition makes you confident in keeping things under control and when to seek help.

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