Personalized dating anniversary gifts for him

The letter can be written on notebook page or high grade stationary it really doesn’t matter it is the words you put on the paper that will win your partners heart.If your spouse is the intellectual type a well selected book of poetry that rings true of your relationship or a romance novel or book about a special place you have been or are planning to go together will make the first anniversary memorable for years and years.Christmas shopping is one of my very favorite things!Giving gifts is one way to show someone how much you love and care for them and I’m all about making someone’s eyes light up with excitement and if I can pull together some DIY Christmas Gifts that’s even better since they are often more meaningful! Finding the perfect gift for him is an absolute must!The front page of a newspaper from the town and date when you were married or where you first met is a simple but great gift to commemorate that very special date.If you did not save one many newspapers will sell you the paper from a particular date.

You can include photos, programs, ticket stubs, dried flowers, and anything else that memorializes a special day or event in your relationship.If you are not handy with craft work the folks at Just Paper Roses do excellent work.Lovepop makes creative 3D pop-up cards that stand out as memorable keepsakes.Give your spouse a bouquet of paper flowers, what an impression that will make if you actually make the flowers yourself.Paper flowers take a long time to make and show thought and they never die and hopefully that will be the same with your love. There are instructions for making paper flowers on How Stuff Works.

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