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I enjoy your podcast and I feel like I am educating myself about how neurotypical people think.But I wish there was as good a source of advice for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).But you could always ask your friend what he would like you to do. I squeezed in next to the best-looking straphanger I could find, faced him like we were slow-dancing, pressed my tits into him, and straddled his leg.You're not worried about the new boyfriend ruining your wedding, BRIDE, you're worried about him ruining the day for your best man. We were so close, my head was over his shoulder—I could feel an electrical charge running through his body—and we stayed that way until I got to my stop.Whenever we've seen the three of them, his new boyfriend was fighting with one of them.I don't want our best man to feel like we are being rude in excluding his new partner, but I don't want there to be drama for our best man at our wedding. A new addition to a poly relationship who creates drama and makes close friends of the original pair uncomfortable?My favorite autism blog, Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, runs frank and fascinating pieces like 'Autism and Orgasm.' Another place to look for useful advice is in presentations by autistic self-advocates like Lindsey Nebeker, Stephen Mark Shore, and Amy Gravino (whose TEDx talk 'Why Autism Is Sexier Than You Think It Is' is on You Tube)." Dan here: Thank you so much, Steve.And to everyone else: There's more about Steve and his work at his website (, and I strongly recommend following him on Twitter (@stevesilberman), where he daily battles Republicanism, ignorance, and hatred. ) My fiancé and I are getting straight-married this summer.

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So ask your best man what would be worse—the new boyfriend being excluded (and your best man incurring his wrath at home) or the new boyfriend being included (and your best man having to put up with his bullshit at the wedding). Upon parting, I whispered, "You're very attractive." And he whispered back, "So are you." I've pulled this on crowded trains a few other times.

They're my favorite erotic memories, and it sure seemed like the guys enjoyed these experiences.

In my experience, a passionate concern for social justice—and compassion for other stigmatized and marginalized people—is so common among folks on the spectrum that it's practically diagnostic.

Furthermore, there seems to be an interesting overlap between being autistic and having a nonstandard gender identity—whether you define yourself as gay, bi, trans, straight but not cis, or nonbinary.

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They also tend to be tediously heteronormative and drearily vanilla-centric. My autistic friends recommend Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults by Zosia Zaks, The Aspie Girl's Guide to Being Safe with Men by Debi Brown, and the anthology What Every Autistic Girl Wishes Her Parents Knew edited by Emily Paige Ballou, Kristina Thomas, and Sharon da Vanport.

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