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Educational articles are an excellent resource for parents who are interested in learning about the best parenting practices from experts in the field.With insights from top education specialists, these parenting articles provide advice and information for both typical and unusual parenting circumstances.Raised in the Roman Catholic Church as an exorcist, Xenovia Quarta wields the Holy Sword Durandal.Along with fellow exorcist Irina Shido, Xenovia travels to Kuoh Academy to retrieve the three Excalibur swords that were stolen by Kokabiel.A high school student at Kuoh Academy, Issei is a Lovable Sex Maniac.During his first date with Yuma Amano, it ends badly when Yuma reveals herself as Raynare and kills him, but not before wishing to die in the arms of a beautiful woman — a wish so powerful Rias Gremory gets to answer his call and resurrect him as a devil.A well-meaning former nun who Issei found and befriended while she was looking for a church in town.As a member of the Roman Catholic Church, she was able to heal everyone who was injured.

The members often use the club as an excuse to get out of any classes they might be in at the moment when an emergency pops up, and the old schoolhouse in which they meet is secluded enough to prevent scrutiny from normal human students.

Eventually, she becomes a first-year transfer student at Kuoh Academy and joins the Occult Research Club.

Following the success of Issei's television series, she becomes his manager in the Underworld.

The school prince of Kuoh Academy and Issei's self-proclaimed best friend, Yuto was the lone survivor of a failed project which used a group of children to wield holy swords, and swore revenge on those who disposed him and his friends.

School mascot of Kuoh Academy, Koneko is one of Rias's earliest members and a Nekomata. Her real name is Shirone and she is the sister of Kuroka, who killed their master in self-defense after being subjected to experiments.

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These parenting articles are great for anyone who wants to raise a healthy, happy child.

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