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When Professor Jeremy O'Keefe receives a box containing a many-years accumulation of personal date, he finds himself drawn into a psychological drama.Show less How private is private in the age of invasive technological prying?If you’re after a Full HD projector, this is one to look out for.From the outside, the VPL-HW45ES is a dead ringer for its predecessor.Available in white or black, the large body has the same striking and mostly pleasing mix of gentle curves, steep slopes and sharp angles.I applaud the decision to mount the promisingly large lens inside a recess on the front edge, so that it doesn’t protrude awkwardly beyond the rest of the bodywork.Related: Best Projector 2016 The VPL-HW45ES vents hot air from its front edge, making it easier to mount in a recess or against a rear wall.It also makes the viewing experience more comfortable in setups where the projector sits in front of the viewers.

To buy her silence he must operate an underground clinic for refugees.

Show less The novel's narrator is a woman with stage-4 ovarian cancer.

She is composing the book as a message to her young son.

Show less Nason (The Town that Drowned) offers a novel set in 1977.

The action centres on an introverted girl named Violet.

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