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I have called this c**k-supremacy.’But the bad news for less generously proportioned men is that his research revealed they tend to be at the bottom of the social pecking order - meaning they have to make more effort to be included as part of the team.

I am a 40 year old typical soccer mom who leads a pretty conventional life. Most deal with the humiliation of older women by younger women, in the style of my favorite authors such as Cowgirl, Couture, Phoenix Arrow and Jane Parks. Its dedicated to my favorite Puerto Rican bitch Miss Peaches.

Im sitting here dressed in my slut outfit as she calls it.

It consists of a 2 sizes too small white button down blouse, tied just under my boobs, and a short plaid catholic schoolgirl type skirt.

My body is not in that bad shape for a woman my age, although I admit I could lose a few pounds.

Some people asking for online sex things like that. Plus the nicknames, things like Big Ass Dyke, slutty Teen, my god!!!

I didnt even stop to consider what people would think of my nickname Soccermom.

Im working on further chapters, and Id enjoy any constructive criticism.

Contact me at [email protected] a story of a middle aged woman who gets used and humiliated by a sexy Puerto Rican girl she met online.

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