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I've also found Excel to be very useful when you are working with a site that offers services in different areas.

Using the concatenate or & formulas, you can easily create permutations of keywords and geographic regions to generate keywords for different services and geographies served.#5: Paul Shapiro (Searchwilderness.com)I think people's aresenal of keyword research tools are mostly the same: 1) You need a tool to examine search volume, most likely Google Keyword Planner 2) A tool to help you generate more keyword ideas.

Search Metrics does this as well, but I've found SEM Rush to provide a greater range of keywords and they save more historical keyword data than Search Metrics.

Excel serves a couple different purposes in my keyword research projects.

SEO has moved on from just targeting an exact-match, vanity keyword, you've got to build long-tail context around such terms.

Keyword research is at the core of any SEO, PPC or content marketing campaign.

If you aren't bidding on or using the right keywords, you're not serving the right content to the right audience at the right stage in the buyer journey.

This means less traffic, leads, customers..dollars. I wanted to know which keyword research tools the experts were using to get a leg up on the competition and build profitable online marketing campaigns.

There are a ton of top 10, 20, 30...100 lists out their floating around the web.

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