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My dad, mom and brother all feel they have gained a son and a brother not an in law.I see where you get your wisdom from and that is your grandfather.

I have also heard from enough concerned women, some very close to me, to recognize just how offensive his comments and attitudes have been and to see why they can’t fathom how a God-fearing Christian could vote for him.Some churches receive funds from leasing facilities, from schools that are in the church’s building, or from investments and endowments.But, in reality, those sources of income are very small compared to congregational giving. One third of the churches increased the outsourcing of staff over the past five years.And right on cue, race-baiters and responsibility-evaders have raised their heads, claiming that, “The Electoral College Is an Instrument of White Supremacy and Sexism.” A group of civil rights leaders has also stated that, “While racial voter suppression was widespread, voter suppression was generational as well.Millennials, as a multiracial demographic, also were targeted by strict ID laws and poll closings affecting millions of youth, college and high school students, as well as young professionals.” Seriously?

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